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What is a TAX Consultant?

What is a TAX Consultant

What is a tax consultant?

When you run a company in Dubai, you need a professional TAX consultant that can handle all the TAX and accounting task of your business. Multinational businesses are increasingly affected by tax, legislative and regulatory developments throughout the world.  Tax consultants are professionals who specialize in tax law and financial-related counseling.  They typically expand on the role of tax preparer. While tax consultants prepare tax returns, they also often work closely with clients throughout the year to ensure client tax liability is minimized.


What does a tax consultant do?

A tax consultant provides tax advice and support to individuals, businesses, and organizations on various tax issues. Their work typically involves preparing and submitting tax returns, researching tax laws, advising on tax planning, and representing clients in disputes with the tax authorities. A tax consultant’s role may grow and shift as they mature in the position and become more involved in tax planning and management. They could also specialize in tax research to advise team members and other stakeholders. When you hire a consultant, he or she will give you advice over the phone or in-person about your filing options. Some other aspects they cover include:


  • Collecting, organizing and preparing tax documents and returns.
  • Evaluating a client’s financial and legal circumstances to determine tax liabilities.
  • Assisting clients with tax issues during and after a significant life transition, such as a marriage, divorce, death of a spouse or birth of a child
  • Completing complex tax forms and schedules that most tax preparers are unfamiliar with.
  • Representing a client in dealings with the IRS or other tax collection agencies

What are the benefit of hiring a tax consultant in Dubai?

  • Tax consultants plan and provide vital information for your business
  • VAT accounting services in Dubai assess all aspects of the business while processing tax returns.
  • Tax consultants help you save time preparing tax returns
  • They can help you with up-to-date information about any changes in tax policy
  • Tax consultants can help you complete tax returns and financially audited statements.
  • They can help you renew your business permits and licenses for you and perform audits.
  • Tax advisors in Dubai can help homeowners organize their financial statements and free them from the stress and headaches of ignorance.
  • They can help you submit your financial records on time.
  • They can help you organize, archive, and store all your receipts.
  • VAT Consultants in Dubai are better able to advise on the correct calculation of tax payments.
  • They can advise you on effective tax management and ways to reduce tax payments.
  • They are strategies to avoid penalties and future interest on your tax return.
  • Tax consulting in Dubai can give you peace of mind when you need to file documents to meet government accounting and reporting requirements


What is a TAX Consultant

Why you should hire a professional Tax Consultant?

The government usually requires every business to file its tax returns at the end of every financial year. These returns are usually mandatory except for the special cases as prescribed by the existing tax laws. Therefore, it is important to take this responsibility seriously and plan for it adequately and failure to do so may culminate in hefty fines, criminal proceedings, and convictions, or both.



Time Saving

While your tax consultant is efficiently preparing your taxes and return, you can be focusing on growing your business and client or customer portfolio. Hiring a professional is the most cost- and time-effective choice while allowing you to continue your revenue-generating business activities.


decision making

Decision Making

You can definitely rely on your consultant for business decisions, particularly deal with finances. You can take any routes without getting into legal violations and financial repercussions. Ultimately, a tax consultant plays a crucial role in your decision-making for the good of your business.



Saving & Refund

You can definitely rely on your consultant for business decisions, particularly deal with finances. You can take any routes without getting into legal violations and financial repercussions. Ultimately, a tax consultant plays a crucial role in your decision-making for the good of your business.


TAX Consultant

Record Keeping

Your tax professional will encourage and help you improve your business expense recordkeeping quantity and quality. Detailed, well-organized and secure records will help optimize tax deductions and benefit your business through increased savings.


What is a TAX Consultant


Ignorance of the law is not an excuse: errors in filing your tax returns can attract heavy penalty when investigated. However, hiring the tax expert, who understands the tax laws, can save you from a disaster.


TAX Consultant

Tax Filing

As a tax consultant has a ton of experiences in tax filing, he/she will help you make your financial management and tax filing more organized and streamlined with no rooms for errors. it’s best to opt to avoid financial mistakes and any legal implications.


TAX Consultant - dedication

Maximize Deduction

Tax accountants will be aware of numerous ways to identify opportunities to maximize your deductions and refund. A tax consultant can find significant deductions or tax credits you may have missed, helping you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars, in return for a comparably small fee.

TAX Consultant

Government Policies

Tax structures change every year, tax policies are very technical and complex and can be confusing for a layman. Tax consultant makes the job easier and simpler since he understands the process with ease. Plus are always aware of all policies and schemes related to taxation.


What is VAT?

Value Added Tax or VAT is a tax on the consumption or use of goods and services. A VAT of 5 per cent is levied at the point of sale. Businesses collect and account for the tax on behalf of the government. Since 2018, taxation and VAT service have become obligatory in UAE after the Value Added Tax (VAT) was introduced. They have become a very crucial requirement for doing business here. When you register for VAT, you also register for VAT returns. You can submit your VAT return online.

A VAT return shows all sales of goods and services you’ve made that include VAT payments. Your return will display the amount of VAT collected and what you owe the government in tax.



A typical flow would start with a factory producing juices and selling them to a wholesaler who further sells it to a retail shop. A woman  walks into the retail shop and buys the an apple juice and serve it. Assuming that the VAT rate is 5%, let us understand how VAT works.

The factory sells a can of apple juice to the wholesale company for 105 (100 + 5 VAT). The factory deposits 5 as VAT with the government.

The wholesaler sells it further to the retail shop for 168 ( 160 + 8 VAT). The wholesaler deposits 3 as TAX. (Collected 8 – Tax Credit 5 = 3 To Pay)

The retail shop sells it to the woman for 273 ( 260 + 13 VAT). The retail shop deposits 5 as Tax (Collected 13 – Tax Credit 8 = 5 To Pay)

During this journey the government has earned a total VAT of 13 which works out to 5% of the valued added of 273 (273 – 0).


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