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International Tax and Tax Due Diligence

International Tax and Tax Due Diligence

More than ever, multinational businesses need to look at their current group structures and look for opportunities in various jurisdictions for business expansion purposes.

In today’s dynamic tax environment, it is important that Multinational groups have robust tax structures and consider long and short-term tax planning opportunities. Assessing Tax Law hierarchy such as National Tax Law, Double Tax Treaties and Multilateral agreements and its impact on cross-border transactions is important to assess return over international investments.

Tax due diligence entails a thorough investigation of all potential taxes that may be levied against a specific business as well as all taxing jurisdictions that it may have a sufficient connection to make it liable for such taxes.

A company will probably be familiar with the due diligence process if it has ever bought or sold a business interest, been the subject of a sale, or participated in a public offering of securities.

Due diligence is typically carried out to help a potential buyer decide whether it is worthwhile to invest in a specific business.

We support multinational groups to optimize their tax structures. We can also assist businesses in analyzing existing group transactions and inter-group supplies, as well as advising on potential implications of various taxes to facilitate an efficient Group tax structure.

Our services include comprehensive analysis of :