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Strategic Planning Services

Strategic Planning Services

Strategic Planning Services To Develop and confirm organizational vision and mission statements. Identify and confirm strategic priorities, objectives, goals and outcome measures to monitor and assess organizational performance.

Our strategic management consulting practice is based on the belief that organizations should continually monitor internal and external events and trends to make timely changes to organizational plans. We also assist clients to develop effective operational and business plans that connect strategic priorities and operational effectiveness.

Our Strategic Planning Services Help You Clarify, Prepare and Manage Your Future Growth

Improving a business process can be done at various levels of the organization and for different reasons. Regardless whether the focus is on cost reduction, process efficiency improvements, resource optimization or else, the approach for BPI always starts with getting a clear picture of who does what, where, when and why. With that clear overview, the organization can tap into the knowledge of its own staff to identify improvement opportunities.

Markef can guide your organization through the improvement process, whether it is at a strategic level or down specific tasks. When it adds value to test a business process before it is implemented, we can simulate the new processes to test its viability through a state-of-the-art process simulation tool. Once the new processes are ready to be implemented, Markef can help guide your organization through that change with a select group of experienced Change Managers.

Process Improvement never stops. Markets change, competition is often intense and experienced staff is hard to find. Capturing your staff’s knowledge of how the organization performs is essential to guarantee your organization’s success. Markef’s experienced Process Improvement specialists can help you capturing that knowledge and preserve it for the next generation of your staff, whether it is just to provide them with that overview or to help getting them up-to-speed faster with the newly developed training materials.

Change management and Organization development

When you think “organization development”, think nimbleness, customer service, and growth. Achieving these goals requires navigating the maze of management structure, roles and responsibilities, corporate re-organizations and integrations, employee effectiveness, diversity and a whole lot more. Get them right – your organization grows and prospers. Get them wrong – the downward spiral begins. That is why leading executives devote time, energy and money to getting them right.

As organizations evolve, complexities increase. Inertia builds. Costs set in. Management recognizes that the risk of not responding is high, however implementing changes must be conducted on a planned and proactive basis. Whether as a result of a need to merge, reorganize, introduce a new product/service offering or update & integrate new systems, processes or roles – a strategic approach to planning for and implementing change will contribute to greater benefits realization and a higher ROI on the change initiative. We have worked in hundreds of transformation projects over the years, bringing the external perspective and experience necessary to help our clients move these projects quickly through to a successful and humane conclusion.

Organization development and change management needs vary across associations, corporations, not-for-profits and government. No one process is right for all situations and entities. Our consultants have the experience to develop cost-effective, custom solutions for each client. We have the flexibility to provide full service or, if you prefer, we can “shadow consult” behind the scenes to your existing internal resources. Our consultants are proud of their ability to deliver practical, real-world solutions.

Financial management

Markef has a successful track record of providing support to our clients in making financial decisions.  We assist our clients by providing services such as performing financial due diligence on a merger, performing a business valuation of an acquisition target, developing business cases to support a major investment or strategic decision, conducting analysis to support a company-wide restructuring, or acting as interim CFO to provide oversight of financial operations.  We recognize the importance of understanding the true economic costs of any initiative and we work with our clients so that they can make decisions with confidence. Markef has provided financial management services across all industry sectors.

General Management

When it comes to Management, our consultants have the depth and breadth of experience to help with most client needs.

Our services include interim management, reorganization, policy analysis and development, feasibility studies, business plans, industrial development and impact studies, value-for-money reviews, merger and acquisition facilitation, management for financially troubled companies and a host of others.

We specialize in working with shareholders, owners and managers to help them identify their challenges and opportunities, see the path forward and mobilize specialists as required. Our unique approach means that no job is too small…or too large. Markef‘s clients include private, public and owner-managed organizations of all sizes

Leadership Development

The key to the success of our leadership development practice has been our focus on building leadership capability by helping individual leaders and leadership teams leverage their strengths and maximize their business impact through comprehensive assessments, personal coaching and leadership team development. Our approach is comprehensive and customized to individual and team need within the context of business strategy and goals.

The core component for good decision making on leadership talent and development is assessment of capability. We support clients by providing a disciplined assessment process, supported by comprehensive, business oriented assessment tools, to help clients leverage their individual strengths, get the right leaders in the right roles, understand strengths and development needs, and design customized development approaches that help maximize potential.  Key components of the process include a review of the business context and goals; identification of role and organizational requirements (job and talent profiling); in-depth behavioral interviews; and completion of business oriented and scientifically valid leadership assessments. If appropriate, emotional intelligence; sales leadership, 360° surveys, organization surveys may also be used to complement the assessment process.

Markef Consultancy provides leadership coaching with a significant difference: we focus on helping leaders and key talent to leverage their strengths and maximize their business impact. We address coaching with an adaptable process, focused on a high level of personal interaction between the coach and the client designed to meet the specific needs of each client. We get to the core issues and opportunities quickly through thoughtful questioning, taking a business case approach to defining the issues, developing fact based options and arriving at a solution with a proper risk assessment. The coaching approach process is designed for companies who wish to invest in the development and retention of key leadership and high potential talent, and individuals who are willing to invest time in planning, organizing, prioritizing and focusing their work and lives.

Effective and fully functioning leadership teams are also essential to organizational performance. We support clients in building effective leadership teams by helping in the selection and assessment of individual team members, providing advisory support on team organization and design, by conducting leadership team effectiveness assessments, and by providing team coaching to help improve team performance. Team assessments identify the effective and ineffective practices of the group allowing for identification and development of new approaches to enhance team performance. Key components of the team assessment and development process may include individual assessments, team surveys, team 360 surveys, organization reviews, facilitated team development workshops, and business focused simulations.

Our consultants/coaches in leadership development are accomplished professionals, with extensive experience in personal and organizational development, organization change and effectiveness, and have a wide range and depth of business experience in private, public and owner-managed organizations of all sizes.

Human Resourse Management

One of the common mantras in organizations of all sizes, sectors and stripes is

“Our people are our most important asset”.

The organization’s investment in its “human” resources is typically its most significant budget item.  At Markef, our goal is to assist our clients to translate the strategic agenda, however defined, into effective human performance that leads to overall organizational success.

Our consultants understand the importance of the client consultant “partnership” as the construct to create successful HR outcomes from the strategic to the systemic to the individual. From supporting and facilitating the development of the strategic direction and the governance model (mission, vision, values, culture, priorities, policies, procedures, and all of the pieces that create the overall template for action), through helping to create HR systems (organization design, job evaluation and classification, compensation, performance planning and coaching, evaluation and assessment, employee development, and the rest of the HR “programs” that position the HR function as a strategic and operational asset within the organization),  to actual implementation (compensation and related surveys, change management, training, assessment, Board and Council development, and other “hands-on” support that may be required), Markef is there to help.

Markef Consultancy approach is based on client need and context, not “off-the-shelf” or packaged solutions.  We know that one-size does not fit all; therefore, our focus is on understanding the issue, the context and the requirement, and deploying our experience and specializations with our clients to craft the “right” response for each client.  We also know that the “human” resources within the organization are the source of significant intellectual capital; they have perspectives, feelings, talents and a wealth of knowledge that, if channeled effectively, can add considerable value to the organization’s success.  Our collaborative and facilitative approach is designed to optimize employee understanding, acceptance and support for engagement outcomes.