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SPC Free Zone

SPC Free Zone in the UAE is a modern and sought-after free zone dedicated to serving the global publishing and media industry. With over 1,500 business activities, it offers state-of-the-art facilities, including office spaces, warehouses, and co-working areas. Located in Sharjah, it enjoys excellent connectivity to international markets and is just an hour away from Dubai. SPC Free Zone provides a fast business setup process and welcomes businesses from various sectors. It is an ideal destination for investors looking for a vibrant and well-equipped business environment.

Benefits of SPC Free Zone

Documents Required

Types Of Licences

1. E-Commerce:

An e-commerce license is needed for selling products through non-physical channels, i.e., selling online.

2. Service:

A service license is mainly issued for conducting business activities such as consultancy.

3. Commercial:

This license is needed for commercial activities involving goods and services.

4. General Trading:

A general trading license covers business activities involving import/export, and wholesale/retail trading.

Types of Company Structures

3. Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

 Single shareholder company (Individual or corporate entity)

2. Free Zone Company (FZC)

Multiple shareholders up to 7 (Individual or corporate entity or both).

3. Local Branch

Local Branch (Branch of a UAE Company) & International Branch (Branch of a Foreign Company)

This license is needed for commercial activities involving goods and services.

MARKEF can help you

Our expert team at MARKEF is dedicated to guiding you through the seamless company formation process. From selecting the appropriate business activity to securing the ideal office space and obtaining the necessary trade license, we provide comprehensive assistance. Our PRO Agent will support you with visa processing, Emirates ID processing, and all other legal documentation requirements.

Additionally, our knowledgeable experts will assist for ensuring compliance with document clearances needed for your company setup in SPC Free Zone. Whether it’s registering for import/export codes for trading or other essential procedures, we have you covered.

For more information, Connect with our experts right away. We are here to help you make informed decisions and ensure a smooth setup process for your business.


Can I do online selling business in SPC Freezone?

SPC Free Zone offers a complete e-commerce business solution to start selling in no time. This license type does not require sponsorship and you own 100% ownership.

Is Business Setup in SPC Freezone cheapest to all other freezone?

Yes, SPC Freezone offer investors the most affordable trading licenses in the UAE. In its cheap business licenses you will get activities such as consulting, media, e-commerce and cheapest general trading license in UAE.

Can we open a corporate bank account in SPC Freezone License Dubai?

SPC Free Zone offers a zero paid up capital policy in addition to assistance with opening corporate bank accounts.

Can I get a lease agreement within the SPC Freezone Business Setup?

Yes you will get a lease agreement within the license.

How many maximum days required to Setup Business in SPC Free zone?

Contact MARKEF to setup a business in the SPC Free zone and get your license in 7 days.