Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study Consulting
Feasibility Study Consulting

Feasibility Study Consulting

A high quality, credible feasibility study/business plan is essential whether you are considering a major capital project, a new operational initiative, or simply want to ensure your organization is well prepared for the future. Markef uses stakeholder consultation, market research, and our own extensive experience to assist our clients in developing a clearly defined, creative, and unique core concept for their organization/project.

A feasibility study may also address legal, organizational, strategic, technological, cultural, resource, and other issues. Each feasibility study we provide concludes with a risk assessment, findings, and recommendations.


When Launching A New Business Venture, A Feasibility Check Is Of The Essence

With an integrated team of strategy consultants, financial advisors and investment bankers, Markef is uniquely positioned to drive every aspect of feasibility study creation and subsequent business plan development


market feasibility study

It includes an overview of the industry, the current and future market potential, the competition and the prospective customers. It also often tests various locations to determine the best market for your concept or project.

financial feasibility study

It involves estimation of the start-up costs, the projected cash flow and profitability, the financing requirements and structure. We then assess the financial viability of your concept/project, testing it for various sensitivities (sales, costs, delivery time fluctuation).

operational feasibility study

It focuses on identification of operational aspects that should be established for a successful delivery of your concept/project. It then assesses if your existing operational structure suits or how feasible it is for the company to establish the required operational environment.

economic feasibility study

It identifies and quantifies the expected project benefits and often compares various economic scenarios using Cost-Benefit Analysis.

Benefits of a professionally written Feasibility Study

  • Provides you with an independent detailed professional review and evaluation of your business initiative or project

  • Presents you with a set of possible alternatives and its' pros and cons

  • Provides you with an opportunity to start your business or project quicker and with a clear plan

  • Defines the levels of effort and time frames to be involved

  • Ensures the content and format are suited for your purposes, for example, for internal use by the management or for seeking investment externally

  • Saves you time researching, analysing, documenting and formatting information

  • Advisory Services with regard to Customs clearance as well as designated zone related issues

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