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Asset Tagging and Asset Verification Services

MARKEF’s Asset Tagging and Asset Verification Services

At MARKEF we offer comprehensive Asset Tagging and Asset Verification Services designed to enhance the security and management of your organizational assets. Our services encompass the following key components:

1. Preparation of Fixed Asset Register

The Asset Tagging process commences with the development of a Fixed Asset Register, a comprehensive inventory of all fixed assets owned by your business. This register is a fundamental element of the fixed asset verification process. It maintains detailed financial information for each asset and is available in two formats: Excel spreadsheet and Fixed Asset Management software.

Key Benefits of Fixed Asset Register:

2. Fixed Asset Tagging

Fixed Asset Tagging involves labeling your organization’s physical assets with tags, serving as a tracking mechanism that lays a strong foundation for inventory control.

Key Benefits of Fixed Asset Tagging:

3. Physical Verification of Fixed Assets

Physical Verification of Fixed Assets is a critical process carried out by auditors, consultants, or authorities to confirm the existence of a company’s physical assets. This process is essential for asset tracking and the recovery of lost assets, if any.

Key Benefits of the Fixed Asset Verification process:

4. Physical Verification of Inventory

This process involves cross-referencing financial records with the management of physical inventory or records.

Key Benefits of Physical Verification of Inventory:

The Asset Tagging and Verification process, offered by MARKEF, guarantees the safety and security of your assets and inventory. This allows you to focus on your core business strategies and operations. Beyond statutory compliance, the ultimate goal of asset verification and tagging is to drive performance and foster the growth of your business.