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CFO Advisory Services in Dubai

MARKEF provides critical advisory services and support to financial leaders, business owners and investors that meet the unique challenges, complexities and the ever changing environment the CFO office faces. The office of the CFO is increasingly complex and equally broad in its mandate. Our CFO advisory services are aligned to support this critical function from strategic finance and decision support to core financial and accounting services. The role of the CFO has changed, and will continue to evolve. Our CFO advisory team is prepared to face these evolving needs with our four quadrants of CFO value and responsibility: strategic finance, compliance and controls, financial operations and reporting.

CFO – Quadrants of Value and Responsibility

CFO Advisory Services

Organizational leadership increasingly expects the finance and accounting team to improve strategic decision-making, manage business risks, monitor and improve organization performance, explore the adoption of new technologies and tools, and drive shareholder value all the while ensuring accounting and regulatory compliance. The current focus on more strategic procedures, such as analysis, business partnering and decision support, results in many companies automating transactional functions and looking to increase the capabilities of their functions. These additional responsibilities come at a time when the finance and accounting function is subject to increased scrutiny and regulation, making it difficult to determine where to begin focusing improvement efforts.

As the role of the CFO continues to expand, precious resources within accounting and finance organizations have naturally become stretched to capacity. CFOs and their teams may not have time to ensure important initiatives such as the integration of advanced analytics and transformation of financial and accounting functions get the attention they deserve, on top of these structural demands, certain events often drive the requirement for highly capable external teams to provide assistance when it matters most.