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Compliance & Anti-Money Laundering

With the United Nations, international groupings like the European Union and other powerful nations having sanctioned many countries and with the ever increasing risk of illegal money being laundered, there is enhanced focus by global governmental watchdogs to detect and penalize offenders. Therefore it has become extremely important to comply with the strict guidelines on AML Compliance.

MARKEF’s Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering Advisory in UAE works with organizations to effectively monitor and manage risk and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements. With varied interests in play globally, it may also so happen that a conflict of interests may arise – as some of the regulations may not be conducive to promote business growth. The wise strategy would be to strike a fine balance between the two.

While complying with governmental regulations is not optional and is mandatory, it is also important not to lose sight of business goals. Juggling the two is difficult, but that is where we step in to help you strike the right equilibrium, growing the business and staying within guardrails.

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