Controls Advisory and Implementation Services

Design and implement controls with AI, automation, and analytics

Today’s internal controls simply need to do more. Organizations are harnessing new technologies and ways of working for a more comprehensive view of compliance and associated risks. Markef’s controls advisory and implementation services use a risk-based approach to help companies modernize their controls to keep up with evolving standards and achieve better business outcomes.


The growing complexity of internal controls

Do you feel your organization is losing ground due to its financial controls? Are your internal controls becoming disconnected with other areas of your business? Maybe you feel over-controlled? As companies take on more digitally enabled functions, it’s critical to complement new business capabilities with a controls framework that supports effective and efficient compliance. And that framework still needs to provide a foundation to carry out day-to-day activities.

But modernization of internal controls comes with no shortage of roadblocks, including organizational silos, budgetary constraints, legacy operating models, absence of technical skills, and an often-overwhelming amount of enterprise data.

Financial leaders can take steps today to rethink and revamp their organization’s approach to controls and compliance by leveraging the game-changing capabilities of technologies like robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and data analytics. Doing so can help their organizations keep pace with organizational growth, evolving regulations, and cultural shifts while protecting business value and generating new insights.


Our team can help you address a variety of internal control needs, including:

If you’re looking to address any segment of your controls environment, we can help your organization achieve its goals and better prepare for its future.


  • Controls modernization

  • Digital program management

  • Digital testing and controls automation

  • Business and system transformation assessments with Assurance by Design


Markef’s controls advisory and implementation services

Regardless of where your organization is on the internal controls spectrum, Markef can help you take the next step forward. We can help build your organization’s road map for enhancing the design and implementation of internal controls in a way that meets your current (and future) stakeholder needs.

Our integrated controls advisory platform is designed to help organizations change their approach to compliance from hindsight-intensive to foresight-leaning. We work with organizations to ingrain strong top-down governance while still managing the total cost of compliance. We can help your organization modernize and automate internal controls to help you truly understand the state of your business, drive insights, identify weaknesses, spot trends, and change behavior.

Taking full advantage of emerging technologies like robotics, AI, and advanced data analytics, our digital tools can help companies deliver meaningful business outcomes faster, with optimal return on investment. These tools are flexible and scalable. They can work across your controls footprint to help you address matters ranging from wholesale changes to specific pain points.


Controls modernization focuses on helping organizations transform their internal controls programs using three levers :

  • Operating model optimization

  • Program enhancements and process redesign

  • Technology and automation

We focus on lowering the total cost of controls through the following :

  • Technology enablement : Put controls on the offensive, replacing control frailties with a smarter, faster, and more efficient end-to-end controls environment.

  • Deficiency remediation and targeted risk mitigation : Redesign business processes and implement internal controls to remediate known deficiencies.

  • Technology and automation

This also includes mitigating procedures and analytics to limit the exploitation of risks.

  • Internal control governance and compliance: We can aid in advising on design, implementation, and operation of financial and IT controls. This also includes facilitating control programs on behalf of management.

  • Internal control program optimization: Refresh and redesign internal controls to better and more efficiently address risks.

  • Testing execution: Leverage alternate delivery models to effectively execute testing or performance of controls on behalf of the first or second line of defense to confirm that controls are operating effectively.

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