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Registration Of Trademark In UAE

In the UAE, companies can secure their brand name, logo, or symbol through trademark registration, preventing unauthorized use. This process allows manufacturers to distinguish and associate their goods and services. A trademark in the UAE can take various forms, such as a name, word, signature, letter, figure, drawing, symbol, title, tax stamp, seal, image, inscription, advertisement, or any combination thereof.

Trademark registration in the UAE covers all seven emirates, namely Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, and Fujairah. The Ministry of Economy serves as the governing authority for trademark registrations.

A trademark registration certificate in the UAE is initially valid for 10 years, with the possibility of extension upon payment of additional fees. Registrations can be renewed for the same duration. Once officially registered, a trademark receives legal protection in the UAE for 10 years from the date of registration.

Benefits of Trademark Certificate

1. Protection of Product and Brand Identity

The certificate provides legal protection, safeguarding a company’s products and brand identity from unauthorized usage. This helps prevent counterfeiting, infringement, or misuse by others.

2. Enhanced Brand Recognition

A registered trademark enables customers to easily identify and differentiate a particular brand and its products or services from competitors. It establishes a unique and recognizable identity, reducing the chances of confusion or duplication.

3. Assurance of Quality and Trust

By obtaining a trademark certificate, companies assure customers of the quality and reliability of their products or services. It signifies adherence to certain standards and establishes trust among consumers, contributing to customer loyalty and brand reputation.

4. Protection against Infringement

Trademark registration safeguards against others who may attempt to trade in the same or similar goods or services, but of inferior quality. It provides legal recourse and the ability to take action against unauthorized usage or infringement, protecting the company’s market share and reputation.

Process of Trademark Registration

Registering a trademark in Dubai is a straightforward and uncomplicated process that allows brands and companies to safeguard their identity. To initiate the registration, the company must complete an online trademark application form, which will be accepted by the UAE Ministry of Economy. Upon receiving the application, the Ministry reviews it and retains the authority to accept, reject, or request modifications to the application. If the application is accepted, the brand or company is required to pay a fee for the publication of the trademark.

Registration Rules in Ministry of Economy

However, the UAE Ministry of Economy publishes the registered trademark in the Official Gazette of UAE and advertises it in two local newspapers. Following this, there is a one-month period during which individuals can raise objections to the trademark in Dubai. In the absence of any complaints during this period, the company must then submit the trademark registration fee. Once this fee is paid, the trademark of the brand or company is officially registered in Dubai.

Once the trademark is registered, the following documents are given to the applicant:

Required Documents for Trademark Registration

Processing Timelines for Trademark Applications

When are Trademarks Renewed

Trademarks in the UAE are initially registered for a period of 10 years starting from the date of application. These registrations can be renewed for subsequent periods of similar duration. The renewal process involves paying the renewal fees during the final year of the current registration period. In case of late renewal, a grace period of three months is allowed, albeit with a fine.

However, the renewal of a trademark is announced through publication in the Trademark Journal as well as two local Arabic daily newspapers. This ensures that the renewal information reaches a wide audience and remains transparent.

MARKEF Can help you

The process of registering a trademark in the UAE may seem simple and straightforward, but it is crucial to avoid any errors in the application form or during document submission to prevent trademark rejection. It is advisable to seek the assistance of an experienced business consultant who is familiar with the trademark registration process in the UAE. Our services specialize in trademark registration for various brand assets such as logos, taglines, and brand signatures, offering affordable fees and prompt service.

At MARKEF, we provide comprehensive support throughout the trademark registration process in the UAE, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements. Our knowledgeable consultants are well-versed in registering trademarks efficiently and without complications for investors. If you would like to learn more about trademark registration in the UAE, please don’t hesitate to contact our team immediately!

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