International Free Zone Authority – IFZA is a new business hub for the investors to setup company in UAE. Located in Dubai, Co-branded with Dubai Silicon Oasis, IFZA  is a favourite choice among global investors due to the attractive company setup packages it offers.

International Freezone Authority has now become Business owner’s choice because of the affordable cost and being one of the cheapest freezone to setup the business. International Freezone Authority provides the business with world class amenities with virtual office license facilities. Providing all the required benefits make IFZA an ideal free zone to all the investors who are planning to setup company in UAE, at cost effective fees structure.

This Free zone facilitates quick registration of company and issuance of licenses in 2 days. It is relevant to note that the cheapest general trading company license in UAE is issued from International Freezone Authority. Other Licenses like Consultancy license, service license, commercial trading license, Industrial license and Holding License are also issued from IFZA (International Free Zone Authority Dubai).

Being a new Freezone, IFZA has designed its business setup packages to meet the demands of businessmen world wide. Investors can register company and obtain license without travelling to UAE. There is no requirement of Capital to be shown in the bank for incorporation of company.

MARKEF is certified as the authorized reseller of International Freezone Authority and hence we can setup company without hassle to the investors. Having registered maximum number of companies in this Free zone within a year, Aurion surges ahead as the top corporate service provider of this freezone.

Key Highlights of International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) Dubai

  • Cheapest, quickest and easiest company formation
  • Company setup in just one day
  • 100% exemption from corporate and income taxes
  • Physical presence of shareholder is not required
  • 100% exemption from corporate and income tax
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Wide range of business activities available
  • No Physical office is required
  • No Share capital is required
  • No annual audit report is required
  • Ability to incorporate holding companies
  • 3 year UAE Residency visa for Owner & Employees
  • Easy bank account opening
  • No documents except the passport copy is required
  • No guarantee deposit is needed for employee visa

Types of Licenses in IFZA Free Zone Dubai

The following licenses are available in IFZA (International Freezone Authority):

1. Consultancy License:  This license is issued to the companies providing expert and professional consultancy services for professionals.
2. Service License: This license allows production, re-production, transformation and distribution of services.
3. Trading License:   This license allows the licensee to trade items specified on the trade license.
4. General Trading License: This license allows the licensee to trade wider range of items.
5. Industrial License:   This license allows to import raw materials, production, re-production, manufacture, package and export.
6. Holding License:  This license allows the holding standalone assets and/or shares in other companies

General Trading License in IFZA Dubai, UAE

Any company planning to start the operation for trading multiple products which may or may not be related to a specific industry can opt for General trading license. General trading license in UAE allows the company to trade, import and export wide range of goods and products in the specific Emirate where the license is issued as well as the other Emirates.

General Trading License allow import and export of goods like accessories, clothes, home appliances electronics, furniture etc. When you have multiple trading activities that are in different sectors, you can have a UAE general trading license that will cover all of it. Companies are allowed to trade any number of products but with an exception in the type of products like arms and ammunitions, tobacco, alcohol etc that are prohibited by the Government. General trading license in UAE is costlier when compared to other options but it has its own benefits like multiple activities can be covered under one umbrella. General trading license in UAE is issued from freezones and mainland.

General Trading License in IFZA Dubai allows the entrepreneurs to trade in up to 3 permitted business activities under a single General Trading License. The Cost of General Trading License from IFZA Dubai will have an additional 10,000 AED as part of the General Trading License Fees.


Company incorporation in International Free Zone Authority is fast and easy and can be completed within 3-4 working days.

The business set up can also be done remotely, personal presence is not required for the company formation.

The personal documents that are needed for the business set up in this Free Zone include:

Company name options

  1. Passport copy
  2. Residential address and phone number
  3. Utility bill as proof of address
  4. Passport-size photo (for visa-eligible companies)
  5. Copy of entry stamp to UAE (for visa-eligible companies)