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 Whether you are considering a major capital project, a new operational initiative, or simply want to be sure that your organization is well-prepared to face the future, a high-quality, credible, feasibility study/business plan is essential. Markef draws on stakeholder consultations, market research and our own considerable experience to help our clients arrive at a central concept for their organization/project that is well-defined, creative and unique. 

Legal, organisational, strategic, technological, cultural, resource and other areas are also often covered in a feasibility study document. Every feasibility study service we provide concludes with the Risk Assessment, Findings and Recommendations analysis.


When launching a new business venture, a feasibility check is of the essence.

With an integrated team of strategy consultants, financial advisors and investment bankers, Markef is uniquely positioned to drive every aspect of feasibility study creation and subsequent business plan development.

market feasibility study

It includes an overview of the industry, the current and future market potential, the competition and the prospective customers. It also often tests various locations to determine the best market for your concept or project.

financial feasibility study

It involves estimation of the start-up costs, the projected cash flow and profitability, the financing requirements and structure. We then assess the financial viability of your concept/project, testing it for various sensitivities (sales, costs, delivery time fluctuation).

operational feasibility study

It focuses on identification of operational aspects that should be established for a successful delivery of your concept/project. It then assesses if your existing operational structure suits or how feasible it is for the company to establish the required operational environment.

economic feasibility study

It identifies and quantifies the expected project benefits and often compares various economic scenarios using Cost-Benefit Analysis.

Great idea – but is it feasible?

A feasibility study is the best way to determine whether a new venture will be viable with investors and in the marketplace. Creating a study requires a range of skill sets including finance, operations and marketing, as well as significant industry-specific knowledge.

Markef has produced feasibility studies for new business concepts as well as existing businesses looking to extend the product and service lines and expand into new markets. After performing market and opportunity analysis, Markef can drive idea generation and refinement; identification and selection of partners; and deal closure and project launch.

“We really do go that extra mile to make as many suggestions and improvements as we can to add value to our clients.”