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Excise Tax Registration in UAE

In the UAE, excise tax registration is mandatory for businesses involved in importing, producing, or storing excise goods, as well as those releasing them from designated zones. Moreover, MARKEF, located in Dubai, offers top-notch excise tax services. 

However, businesses engaging in the following activities are responsible for excise tax:

Activities requiring Excise Tax Registration

However, businesses releasing excise goods from designated zones, importing, producing, or stockpiling excise goods in the UAE must register for excise tax.

Excise tax in the UAE applies to the following goods:

Excise Tax Registration Services

1. Creating an e-Services Account:

2. Registration for Excise Tax:

3. Payment of Late Registration Penalty:

4. Modifying an Approved Excise Tax Registration Form:

Documents required for excise tax registration in UAE

During the process of excise tax registration. However, you must submit various documents to verify your information. The following are the required supporting documents:

If you require assistance with excise tax matters, MARKEF is here to help. However, our services encompass excise tax registration and VAT registration in the UAE. Moreover, For expert excise tax consultancy and comprehensive excise tax services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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