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Ejari Registration in Dubai

EJARI is an Arabic term that translates to “My Rent.” In Dubai, it represents a legislative initiative introduced by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). This law mandates that all landlords, property management companies, and landlord representatives obtain EJARI certification to become authorized to rent or lease their properties. The EJARI system serves to regulate the rental market in the real estate sector and was established under Law No. 26 of 2007 to govern the relationship between landlords and tenants. Every individual and real estate company acting as a landlord must register their tenancy agreements using the EJARI system. Here, we discuss the Ejari Registration methods. 

RERA announced that starting from March 14, 2010, all rental and lease contracts for properties in Dubai must be registered through the newly launched EJARI online portal. The EJARI electronic registration web service has been designed to comply with the requirements of the law. It establishes a robust regulatory system for the rental market, safeguarding the rights of all parties involved. EJARI aims to ensure that rental agreements are equitable, transparent, and fully enforceable, with due consideration given to their terms and conditions.

The Importance of Ejari

Ejari is important because it ensures that all private rental contracts are legally binding and structured in a government-approved format. Its goal is to protect and organize all relevant information, preserving records at the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). By registering with Ejari, you receive an Ejari certificate that grants access to various services provided by the emirate

The Ejari Certificate also serves as a crucial document for securing your rights in case of any issues with your landlord. If you encounter problems, you can present the Ejari Certificate in court, allowing the court to investigate your case. However, if you are not registered with Ejari, the court will automatically dismiss your case. Highlighting the importance of registration in ensuring legal protection and recourse.

Who can Register Ejari?

The ones authorized to apply for Ejari in Dubai are the landlords, tenants (and/or their representatives), and property management companies. The responsibility of registering the tenancy contract with Ejari lies with the landlord. Typically, the landlord delegates this task to a real estate agent, but in practice, the tenant completes the process and pays the necessary fees. Ejari Registration is very simple and easy.

It is essential to ensure that all deposits, contract duration, and rent amounts are clearly mentioned in your Ejari. You can register for Ejari at trustee centers in Dubai or through the Ejari app as well.

How to Register Ejari

To register for Ejari, you have two options: online registration or visiting a facility. The online registration process involves the following steps:

If you prefer offline registration, you can visit the office in person with all the necessary documents and processing costs.

Alternatively, you can opt for the services of MARKEF Consulting. It offers hassle-free Ejari registration services in Dubai/UAE for your business establishment needs. They handle all the paperwork, costs, and other processes involved in Ejari registration.

Consider these things before signing up Ejari:

Document requirement

When registering for Ejari, you need to prepare several required documents. Here is a list of the documents you should gather:

If you are renewing your Ejari, you will also need to provide a DEWA bill and the previous Ejari, in addition to the documents listed above.

MARKEF Can help you

MARKEF Consulting, a trusted expert in simplifying company document requirements, offers reliable and proficient Ejari registration services. We provide assistance in streamlining processes and ensuring timely completion, from strategy to execution and licensing.

Our team of professionals emphasizes the critical components of your business documents and processes, allowing you to focus on your core business while being aware of potential risks. We prioritize creativity and transparency, providing a solid foundation for our clients’ business establishment needs.

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