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Documents required for Corporate Tax Registration in UAE

Qualifying Free Zone Persons and businesses are required to submit the necessary paperwork for corporate tax registration in the UAE in order to ensure compliance and complete the registration process. Here, we will guide you about Documents required for Corporate Tax Registration. It is essential that the documents submitted are completely legitimate and trustworthy to receive approval from the FTA. To handle your corporate tax registration needs, reach out to MARKEF Accounting, the top provider of Corporate Tax Services in the UAE!

In the UAE, a 9% corporate tax on company profits has been introduced, with a minimum threshold of AED 375,000. Businesses should familiarize themselves with important administrative obligations related to the proposed UAE corporate tax, including corporate tax registration, corporate tax deregistration, filing corporate tax returns, and making payments.

Seeking guidance from corporate tax consultants in Dubai can assist business owners in gaining a preliminary understanding of these compliance requirements. Neglecting to adhere to these obligations may result in substantial corporate tax penalties imposed by the UAE government, which could be announced in the near future.

Documents Required for Corporate Tax Registration

In order to complete the registration process for Corporate Tax in the UAE, businesses must be prepared to provide the necessary documentation. The procedure for corporate tax registration and the payment of fees will be conducted online. The following documents are required for Corporate Tax Registration in the UAE.

All documents submitted for corporate tax registration must be genuine and clear. Submitting fraudulent or outdated documents may result in fines and legal complications.

Documents required for Corporate Tax Registration for Free Zones

For the registration of Corporate Tax in Free Zones, certain documents are required. The specific requirements for Corporate Tax registration in the UAE may vary slightly between Mainland and Free Zones/Qualified Free Zone Persons (QFZP). Below is a compilation of the necessary documents for corporate tax registration in the UAE specifically for Free Zones and Free Zone Persons.

Please be aware that submitting fraudulent documents can result in fines and penalties related to corporate tax.

How should you register for Corporate Tax?

Businesses are now able to commence the registration process for corporate tax in the UAE by submitting the necessary documents. If you are wondering about the deadline for Corporate Tax registration, the Ministry of Finance has stated that businesses in the UAE will be given a period of up to nine months following the conclusion of the applicable tax period to submit their tax return and settle the federal corporate tax.

It is imperative for businesses to complete their registration for Corporate Tax (CT) within the designated time frame and remit the corresponding tax amount that is due.

Corporate Tax Registration Services in UAE

MARKEF Accounting possesses a skilled group of dynamic Corporate tax consultants who can assist your business in surmounting anticipated obstacles like unfamiliarity with corporate tax statutes and regulations, structural and compliance challenges, resource limitations, and the absence of a compliant accounting system. We offer exceptional Corporate Tax services, accounting services, and audit services. If you require corporate tax registration services in the UAE, do not hesitate to reach out to MARKEF.