CFO on Demand

Specialists in owner managed businesses

 In our experience, entrepreneurs simply have too much on their plate to deal with what is actually a very important task.

  Which is where the art of delegation comes into its own.


As part time CFO/FC we support company management in administrative, financial, and risk management operations of the company.

Our services include the development of a financial and operational strategy, Designing, implementing & monitoring internal control mechanism to​ preserve company assets. We ensure timely reporting of financial results and analytical review of the same for operational efficiency.


Assist in formulating the company’s long term plan, future direction and supporting tactical initiatives


Reporting financial results to the board of directors with analysis


Understand key risk elements for the company and design appropriate mitigation measures.


Ensuring availability of working capital & long term funding requirement through debt & equity at competitive rates.

Providing support when you need it

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO)/Financial Controller (FC) on demand service provided by Markef enables you to still have control of your finance function whilst knowing that we are here to provide additional experience and expertise.

“We really do go that extra mile to make as many suggestions and improvements as we can to add value to our clients.”