ADNOC In-Country Value (ICV) Certification Support

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 ADNOC has launched an In-Country Value (ICV) program with the objective of growing and diversifying the UAE’s economy. As part of ADNOC’s ICV program, all ADNOC suppliers are required to declare their ICV achievement (ICV Certificate).

Suppliers that don’t have an ICV confirmation can in any case partake in ADNOC tenders, yet will be considered with 0% of ICV, which in the long run will position them as less focused than providers that have the accreditation.

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What is the ADNOC In-Country Value (ICV) program?

The ADNOC In-Country Value program is an obtainment drove activity that plans to help support ADNOC’s ICV commitment by concentrating on nearby provider choice, the advancement of UAE Nationals, and the restriction of basic functionalities in the oil and gas industry.

ADNOC has provided the Supplier submission template which needs to be filled based on the latest audited financial statements and supporting information from the books of accounts. (template can be found in the link ).

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The certifying bodies’ ICV evaluation formula takes account of goods manufactured in the UAE, the value of third-party spend in the UAE, a company’s investment in the UAE and its Emiratisation record, as well as the UAE-based expatriate employees’ contribution to the national economy.

The evaluation also takes account of a supplier’s operating costs and depreciation cost, along with any exports created.

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