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Flexi Desk Dubai : Everything you need to know

For anyone operating their business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you should be aware of all the possible methods for conducting your business in the region. The UAE has established itself as one of the best investment opportunities for every investor across the globe; the ease of doing business is one of its biggest selling point and the free zones are becoming more and more accommodating with each passing day. The latest ruling that a foreign business owner can claim complete ownership of the company registered in the UAE has already met with a great response from the foreign investors.

Establishing a business in the UAE has become incredibly streamlined, thanks to the many incentives launched by the Department of Economic Development. If you’re looking to launch a freelancing business or to set up your first company as a start-up, our team can help you with a low-cost way to use quality office space

What is Flexi Desk ?

A Flexi-desk (or smart desk) is a single workstation that can be leased for your business and serve as the physical location and address listed on your company’s registration .Flexi desk also encourages businesses to have flexi working hours which mean that you can utilize the space for dedicated number of hours in a month.

The downside is that Flexi-desks are not private. This can be difficult if you need quiet space to work or need to discuss private or sensitive information. For this reason, some businesses chose to keep the workstation for the formality of a physical office while working elsewhere such as a home office

Flexible Desk Dubai

Choosing a Flexi desk office space also introduces associated services like phones, internet access, and reception facilities. A common obstacle facing new businesses is the need for a physical presence. If you are launching a mainland company, there is no need to avoid this obstacle as it is a must to have a physical workspace. However, Freezone companies without a physical presence can’t apply directly for a UAE residence visa and may struggle to meet bank requirements when setting up an account.

Do you need flexi desk? Of course, a Flexi desk suits both mainland business setups and a free zone structure. Choosing a Flexi desk arrangement is a low-cost, customizable option for businesses of all sizes.

The Flexi desk in Dubai comes with a number of benefits attached to its hip. Setting up a Flexi desk can be challenging task for some and they need to be aware of all the benefits.

  • Flexibility – The Flexi desk has the ability to accommodate many people in a relatively smaller because of how they are designed. It allows employees to have a more flexible working schedule, which can lead to increased productivity and creativity. Working in a flexible environment can improve your mental health as it can help to reduce stress levels and give you a better work/life balance.
  • Better Productivity – When you have a flexible workspace, you can adjust your environment to suit your needs. Flexi desk allows the employees to work in a relaxed and flexible environment, which reduces the chances of limiting their potential.
  • Cost-Effective – The flexi desk in Dubai are offered at very affordable prices to   business that are still in their initial stages. The total office space will be optimized and used to its true potential, as employees will share available desks. Office space can therefore be right-sized to the real needs of the organization, leading to saving space and real estate costs.
  • Cost-Effective – The shared workspace requires you to pay a monthly fee along with the license fee; through this, the entrepreneurs can avoid a number of overhead charges and keep their cost low. The charges are already defined which saves a lot of time when it comes to arguing over things like lease terms, maintenance costs, utilities and etc.

    Collaboration – Flexi desk allow you to sit with many different employees/colleagues from different companies which will bring new collaborations, idea sharing and ways of thinking.


What is Fixed Desk?

The Fixed Desk or Dedicated Desk, which is also known as “Traditional Desk”,  is a dedicated desk space available for one particular individual to be used on a daily basis. Fixed desks are closely related to the conventional office model of positioning employees in a dedicated space. It is this kind of desk which you have to rent for a long-term basis (ie. Weekly, monthly, yearly) and allowed to left personal resources and supplies on the desk or in a locker. 

Fixed Desk

A fixed desk is pretty straightforward. Just as in a conventional office, you’ll have a set place which is yours and no-one else’s. With a dedicated desk you get all the same facilities as with a flexi desk, but you know that a specific area is set aside for your company. That means you can customize it as you wish.

  • Stability – Fixed desks are certainly the most stable working arrangement. Whether they simply want access to a computer with no distractions, or a desk that has been fully kitted-out with personal documents and stuffs. If you prefer a certain element of stability, then a fixed desk is perhaps your best bet.
  • Equipment –  Fixed desks allow you to keep your equipment in the workplace without having to carry it to and from the office every day. Plus provides an independent desk station with secured locked storage cabinet. Especially when you’re a designer or an engineer who needs specific tools and hardware on a daily basis, then a fixed desk might be more beneficial.
  • Avoiding Conflict –  Having a fixed desk will solve the problem between you and fellow feeling the need to arrive at work excessively early, just to secure a desk of choice. One of the main issues people have with Flexi Desk  is the struggle to actually find space if they arrive at the office too late. This will do nothing for morale, and with a fixed desk everybody knows that they’ll have a desk waiting for them.
  • Bonding –  Everyone posses different favor, some may fond of meeting new people and exploring new things. On the other hand, for those who want to keep the relationship strong with colleagues and sitting with the same team for longer periods of times fixed desk will be the best choice.

Fixed Desk

  • You have to pay for the size of the office and also need to consider the case of business growth. The more employees you have, the bigger(more expensive) space you need.
  • The office will have to be furnished by you. You’ll have to consider desks, chairs, kitchen appliances etc.
  • Your costs will change month to month depending on things like electric, gas and water usage. Again more employees mean higher bills.

Flexi Desk

  • You will be in a large open layout company office and only need to pay for the membership to add new employees. Leases are paid on a monthly basis.
  • There is no need to worry about furnishings as coworking spaces are fully outfitted.
  • Your costs will stay the same, no matter how much your team grows, as utilities are included in the membership.

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