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How to Change Company Legal Name in the UAE

Changing Company Name in UAE

Changing Company Name in UAE: Re-branding happens often in companies. When they feel they need to upgrade to meet the changing market and customer interests, they often step up with a rebranding. Along with changing their corporate identity, companies sometimes decide to change their name as well. Problems could be related to trademark issues, expanded services, difficulty in pronouncing the name or some other reason as well. It is always good to evaluate your company’s brand identity and revamp it whenever necessary. The market is changing and so should your company and its branding and services. There may come a time when a company will have to change its name. The reason can be intentional or as a result of some external pressure such as your name being very similar to that of another brand. Regardless of why you need to change your company name, it is important to make sure you adhere to the correct legal procedures. The UAE has some of the strictest company name changing policies when dealing with both local and international companies within its branches across the UAE.

Legal Requirements for Changing Company Legal Name in UAE

The process of changing the company name of a business operating in UAE and under the jurisdiction of the Department of Economic Development involves two phases: obtaining the DED’s Initial Approval and following the Initial Approval. 

Get the main approval from the DED

You need to obtain approval from the Department of Economic Development about changing a company legal name in the UAE. Let’s observe the required documents:

Issuing the amended license

Revision of the MOA (Memorandum of Association) in regards to the trade name modification (and all corporate entities of businesses such as simple limited partnership, civil company, LLC, general partnership, and private shareholding excepting branches of foreign businesses.

Required Documents :

After 14 days have passed, the registration entity will update its register, issue the amended license, memorandum and articles of association, and other corporate documents related to your previous trade name. In addition, the registration authorities issue a certificate of the name change. And as soon as this process is finished; you can collect all corporate documents and continue operating with your new name.

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