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We understand what variables influence the value and marketability of your business. Use our business valuation consulting services to maximize the value of your business.

Business valuations can serve many purposes for business owners, and as a result, the complexity of the valuation reflects the intended purpose of the report.


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Provides thorough, independent and supportable business valuation services to mid-market businesses in a variety of industries. Our experience in advising on mid-market transactions contributes to an astute assessment of business value.

Valuation Strategic Advisory Services

Proven strategies to grow your company and maximize the value of your organization to accomplish your long-term goals and objectives.

Buying or Selling a Business

Understand your long-term investment by determining the fair market value of your company.

Exit Planning Business Valuation

If you are considering selling your business, maximize the value of your company by appraising and determining the fair market value of your business.

ectual / Intangible Assets Valuations

If your business owns intangible assets or intellectual property, we can provide reliable and supportable appraisal services.

Providing support when you need it

You want your company value to grow, right? But do you have any idea what it is worth now – or what it could be worth?

Would you like to understand which areas of your business may be holding back your company’s growth? Even better, armed with that knowledge, would you like to know what it will take to grow your company to a size that will ultimately help you achieve your retirement goals?  

Markef can help. And best of all, the first step is free. Take 15 minutes to uncover the true growth opportunities already available in your company and understand what may be holding you back. There’s nothing to buy and no strings attached. Receive an immediate report with your results with our complements. If you want to learn how we can help, that’s up to you.

How to value my Business


It is widely believed that DCF is the best method to estimate the fair value of a company/business. As one would expect, the value of any company is the sum of the cash flows that it produces in the future, discounted to the present at an appropriate rate. The discount rate used is the appropriate Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) that reflects the risk of the cash flows.

As per the Efficient Market Hypothesis at any given time, stock prices fully reflect all available information on a particular company and industry. Therefore trading companies provide the best estimate for valuing a similar company. Average multiples such as P/E, EV/EBITDA, EV/Sales, P/B, etc. are calculated from all companies similar to the one being valued and the same used to calculate its enterprise value. Use our free online valuation tool(below) to quickly estimate your company’s worth.

Investment bankers widely use this method to value a company during an acquisition. Technically this method is similar to trading comps and uses multiples such as P/E, EV/EBITDA, EV/Sales, P/B, etc. But the comparables used are companies which have previously undergone a takeover, rather peers which trade on the stock market. Takeovers generally value the company higher because of a control premium paid by the acquirer.